Ahhhh....everything seems right with world now. The NFL players and NFL owners are laughing together, back slapping each other,  giving noogies and finally at peace.  It’s now okay to plan your fantasy football drafts without asterisks and contingency plans attached to every proposed draft date and best of all is the realization that we won’t have to spend our Sundays in the fall watching professional bowling.

Now comes the free agency frenzy & if you're the Lions where do you begin?  What do you think is the greatest need  on the team?  Who do you think the Lions should go after?

The Lions need the greatest help at CB, SLB, WLB, G (depth).  With that - my Top 3 Picks:  Oakland CB Nnamdi Asomugha / Titans LB Stephen Tulloch / Falcons OLB Stephen Nicholas