Free Beer and Hot Wings in the Morning have made themselves a lofty goal! Every year Eric Zane, Producer Steve and I head down to Orlando, Florida to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. Through out the year leading up to the big race we earn money to support the AT-Children's Project.

We want this to be a record breaking year but people joining our team and running along side us in Disney World while earning more money to help fund research for AT.

It's been a cold winter but I haven't quit running yet! I am currently training for the Kalamazoo Marathon happening May 4th, and will be competing again at Disney this January. Click here to follow my donation page and if you are feeling generous donate to this great cause! There are details there too on how YOU can join team FBHW, earn money, and run with us this year at Disney!

Coldest run I have had this year! -20 with the windchill but I made it outside for the run! I have to keep up this momentum while I earn money for AT!