I am a huge Robin Williams fan.  I enjoyed the things he did, I laughed at his comedy, I got into his serious roles, I really loved getting into his mind when he did that "Inside the Actor's Studio" thing...whatever it's really called.

Here's a list of some of the movies, shows, specials I think you should see, if you haven't.  Some are well-known things, some are lesser-known, but all of them are good.

  • Mork & Mindy - Of course you have to include this on any list of his work.  His real break-out role as the insane alien who lived with the beautiful and fun Pam Dawber.  And, of course, I had the biggest crush on her.
  • Moscow on the Hudson - Something completely different from what everyone was expecting Mork to do.  He'd done Garp before this, but this seemed to be the movie everyone was looking forward to from Robin Williams after the Mork & Mindy show ended.  Serious movie, probably doesn't make sense now to some people, since the cold war ended, but still a great movie.
  • Club Paradise - An odd, mostly unknown movie, where he plays a retired firefighter who moves to a small island to run a resort.  A bounce back to comedy for this one, with a lot of name actors at the time.  A fun, different movie.
  • Good Morning, Vietnam - You know this one.  I actually met Adrian Cronauer, and he told some amazing stories of his own, and described how wildly different Williams' performance was from the real story.  He admitted that he wasn't nearly as funny as Robin Williams ever was.
  • Awakenings - Another serious film for him, and another misfit.  A socially awkward doctor uses an untested drug to wake up some coma patients.  Robert Deniro starred with him, and their characters have an interesting relationship and journey.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire - You know this one.  Watch and laugh.
  • Jumanji - Another popular movie, with a lot of bad CGI, but lots of fun.
  • The Birdcage - If you don't laugh at this movie, you hate life.
  • Good Will Hunting - Landmark performance from him.  He's not the central character of the movie, but steals every scene he's in with a brilliant performance.
  • What Dreams May Come - Holy s***, this movie is messed up!  If you think about it, less than halfway through the movie, everyone is f****** dead!  Watch the movie, and then go back and watch the alternate ending, where the reincarnation is handled in a darker way.  I like that ending better, and it keeps the f-ed-upedness going.
  • Bicentennial Man - Follow a family's robot through his evolution from a machine into something human, and more than human.  A different kind of romance story, too.  And Embeth Davitz is really hot in this one.
  • One Hour Photo - WTF?  No, seriously, wtf?  This movie is dark, messed up, and creepy.  Watch it.
  • Death to Smoochy - You think this is going to be a silly comedy from the title.  It's totally not.  Dark comedy, where Robin is trying to kill Ed Norton for taking his children's TV show away.  Weird, but entertaining.
  • Insomnia - Robin Williams as a serial killer?  Yes.  Check it out.
  • The Final Cut - Read the book, then saw the movie.  He plays a guy who edits the recordings from chips in peoples' heads of their entire lives.  He makes movies called "Remembrances" for the funeral service.  When a lawyer for the company that makes the chips dies, he gets the footage.  Things go downhill from there.  Mira Sorvino is pretty hot in this one.
  • The Night Listener - He's a radio host in this one, and begins to talk with a caller, a boy.  But when he tries to find out more about the strange boy with the messed up life, things get really weird and twisted for him.  This is a strange movie.
  • Law & Order:SVU - He plays an amazing role in this episode.  Plays to some of his skillset for characters, and leads the cops on an interesting ride, before a wild ending.  I love the way this ended.
  • World's Greatest Dad - This is a pretty odd, dark comedy.  He plays a school teacher who finds his son dead from autoerotic asphyxiation, and stages it to look like a depression suicide.  When the beautiful note he wrote for his son goes public, his whole life changes.  People want more and more, and he falls onto a twisted path.
  • Live on Broadway - His return to standup after a long break doing movies, he comes back in a big way, with an amazing standup show.  You will laugh you ass off watching this show.  Look for the DVD easter egg of all the swear words edited together into one short film.  It's funnier than you might think.

I know it's a long list, and there are tons more things I could put on the list.  But this will keep you entertained for quite a while.  When you're ready for more, check out the complete list on IMDB.