I got the privilege of talking with Sam, the drummer for Chevelle a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about the new album "La Gargola" that was released on April 1st, and their upcoming tour.

Early in the interview we learned what Pete means when he said he "got Sam and electric drum kit".

What he did was he called me and said, "Go get an electric drum kit".

Sam also talked about the stories and ideas behind some of the songs and the album title.

We're really into horror movies, and La Gargola is a gargoyle.  You know how these movies start, you're taking out the trash or something and you feel like something's watching you.

Sam also gave up some travel tips on what NOT to eat when on the road in foreign countries.

You have to watch out for salads, you don't know if they've been washed off.

All this week and next, keep listening for chances to win tickets to Chevelle's show at The Orbit Room, that will also include an awesome 'GRD-exclusive sound-check party before the show!