It's been over 20 years since Jane's Addiction performed in Grand Rapids. The alt rock pioneers made a long overdue return to GR at the DeVos Performance Hall last night (March 21). Concert goers witnessed a show full of lights, psychedelic sounds, sexual innuendo and plenty of sing-along moments. View our photo gallery from the highly entertaining show.

Frontman Perry Farrell was pretty talkative throughout the night. Whether he was talking about doing 'shrooms to almost getting his ass kicked by fat bikers, the singer didn't shy away from the crowd. Ferrell was even walking around with a bottle of wine and taking the occasional swigs here and there. It was an all-out party when the band went into "Jane Says", their 1988 hit with the unmistakable steel drums and guitar riffs, and 1,800 strong singing along with Farrell.

Guitarist Dave Navarro showed that he can still shred with the best of them, nailing his guitar solos in a raw but precise manner. Burlesque dancers moved around seductively onstage and attempted their best synchronized dancing-on-a-swing routine. Screens in the background raised the kink level with bondage and other provocative footage on display. "Three Days" and "Stop" turned into a 12 minute epic to close out their main set.

JT and I were lucky enough to bring six GRD winners into Jane's Addiction's dressing room, where the band played two songs fully plugged in! It was like being at a garage watching band practice, only the band was Jane's. It was one of the most surreal moments in my life that I will never forget.

Jane's Addiction may not be the musical powerhouse they were in the late 80's and early 90's, but there are few bands today who can match their one-of-a-kind sound and live shows. Watch footage of "Jane Says" from last night's show below.

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