In honor of my next cosplay, Blondie, from Sucker Punch. I wanted to share my top 5 favorite cosplays thus far, of characters from Sucker Punch. Now I am creating a costume based on the character Blondie, but there are some crazy good costumes based on all the characters so, these are my favorite that are just based on characters from the movie!

My first one is Amber, in the movie Amber is played by actress, Jamie Chung. This gal who decided to cosplay her did a FANTASTIC job. You can see more of her Amber cosplay here.

Next up is one of "Baby Doll"  who in the movie is the main character, and tells the story.  There are like a million and 1 Baby Doll cosplays out there.  I have a friend from NYC who is a photographer and loves cosplays!  She recently photographed a group of friends who created their own versions of Sucker Punch.  The Baby Doll was spot on!

Sweet Pea, was another great character from the movie.  This next girl went above and beyond and looks phenomenal!

This next one is another Amber cosplay.  I put two of her in because this girl is another one who did such a great job!

Last, but not least I have Rocket!  The time that must have gone into making some of these costumes is insane, I love this one though!

I'll try to make my "Blondie" cosplay as true to character as I can!  Hopefully I can join the ranks of these lovely ladies ;)