In honor of my new favorite hobby known as cosplaying, I decided to reach out and see what YOU think should be my next character to cosplay. After 500 votes, you decided on Harley Quinn from Batman... I LOVE IT. I won't have mine completely done until next week so I decided to share my top 5 favorite Harley Quinn's that other people have done!

  • 5

    Bloody, Bloody Harley Quinn

    I love this one! This girl is awesome, she did a fantastic job, making it her own while still staying true to the character... the bloody apron is a cool touch too!

  • 4

    Harley Quinn Throws Down The Hammer

    This one is bad ass! From the boots, to the coat tails to the ultra long hair! I love it, the hammer was an excellent touch!

  • 3

    Harley Quinn and the Joker

    I Love that she has the little joker doll! She obviously is super hot, that beside the point she did an excellent job putting together this Harley Quinn look!

  • 2

    Harley Quinn With Bells

    This girl is awesome! For one thing the jacket is cool with the little touches like the bells on the bottom. Secondly her hair is KICK ASS! I love the black and red!

  • 1

    True Blue Harley Quinn

    This one is the BEST, it is so true to the character!!! From the head piece, to the vinyl costume... I just love it... Mine won't be quite this good, but it will be different!