I am always putting new photos on here of me in some crazy costume, or getup I come up with. Normally I only show you my best photos, either selfies I take of photos that professionals take of me, and in that instance I comb through them and only show you the ones where I am NOT making an awkward face, or blinking or just looking weird.

I decided you're probably sick of those photos aren't you? I am getting pretty sick of them myself! So why not share some bad photos with ya! Here are some NOT so hot photos, whether I'm running, snap chatting my friends (yeah my friends are ass holes who screen shot my snap chats) or just being drunk and weird... either way these are not my hottest pics...

I know I am running, so I am not supposed to exactly look pretty... but If you google, cross country or something, the other girls pictures NEVER look like this! Why do I look so toasted!


Wish I remember what I was thinking when my friend said, "Say Cheese"


not necessarily a bad photo... just weird, WHY IS MY FRIEND SCREEN SHOTTING MY FACE TIME!


This one is a keeper... I was in a "beer mile" we each slammed 4 beers in like 10 minutes, raced a mile (as in i ran a 5:45 I believe) then slammed 2 more... whoever got done the fastest and kept it all down won... I did not win


Another glorious snap chat to my bestie... she is so sweet to save these for me


I think this one is the best... what do you think?