I am 28 years old and got my drivers license when I turned 16. So I have been driving for 12 years... in that 12 years I have had 7 different cars. That is a crazy amount of hoopties I was sportin! First off I did NOT total all the cars I drove... more like half. SECONDLY only a handful of the cars were in very good condition in the first place. Here lets take a look at what I have driven;

  • 2000 I turn 16 and was given a '92 green Ford Escort... that lasted 2 months when I rear ended a boy I was dating at the time, and my car was declared totaled.
  • 2001, My dad was super concerned I was going to get hurt so he finds me a "new" car, as in "new to me" a 1985 Lincoln Town Car. This thing was a boat, it was brown... and ridiculous. That lasted all of 1 year when it broke down, mainly because it was the same age as me.
  • 2002 ahh yes, 2002, the year of the Honda Accord. Now this was a nice car, a 1998 so it was only 4 years old, it had a nice CD player in it, which in 2002 wasn't ALWAYS something that came in cars and was basically one awesome ride. Well it WAS awesome, before I didn't look both ways and got t-boned by a ford escape...
  • 2004, I just graduated high school and my dad who is probably the most patient and awesome man on the planet gives me a 2001 Ford Ranger to take to college. Just a small truck figured it could get beat up and be okay. Well this time it wasn't my fault! I came home for Christmas break and my mom borrows it, slides on some ice and BOOM, car totaled.
  • 2005, Okay so now my dad is like, WTF I am never getting you another car. Well that lasted a few months and then between the two of us I got another Ford Escort, 1998, white two door, with two black racing stripes, and a bra. Yup this thing was the ultimate pimp-scort. Well I drove this for a while it made it til about 2009 when I began interning for Free Beer and Hot Wings. Well I still lived in Big Rapids going to school so I commuted an hour both ways 2-3 days a week to intern. Well the car wasn't doing well so I sold it to my neighbor who only wanted it to drive around town basically, to class and back, etc. I use the money to buy a "reliable" Grand Prix... from one of my professors. The Grand Prix made it exactly 8 months before it died... (my neighbor Dennis STILL drives around the "pimp-scort")
  • 2010, I get a Ford Focus, it's a 2003, stick shift, with a LOT of miles on, over 200,000 to be exact. I drive that bad boy all the way up to today.

Friends let me tell you as you can see from my timeline above, this is exciting news. I just bought a brand new car! A Fiat 500 convertible. Now please I need you to keep me in your prayers here because this car HAS to break my streak of cars... I need this one to last! ;)