Alright so by now you know I am running the Walt Disney Marathon along with producer Steve and Eric Zane of the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning show. We are trying to earn as much money as we possibly can for the AT-Childrens project! (If your feeling generous feel free to donate HERE)

Anyway I was doing so good with my training and was definitely sticking to it until Thanksgiving came, then it was game over! I ate and ate and ate and did not run at all! So now I am feeling quite out of shape and thought it was a good idea to bump mileage from my typical long run of 10 miles, to 16 miles. BAD idea! My hip is in some serious pain along with my left knee! Yet I am one tough little biotch so I am going to go in there and still try to dominate these 26.2 miles... I may not be able to walk afterward though. My new goal is just to beat my last marathon time (03:37:22) Im pretty sure I can but It's going to empty my entire tank!
Keep checking back for more marathon training updates!