We all have embarrassing moments, but I think I have them more often than the average bear... I do stupid things on accident WAY too much. You may recall I wrote a post about my brand new car, and how I have had around 7 cars in my time driving and screwed them all up!

Well that takes up to today... let's begin this weeks 'Embarrassing Moment Of The Week.'

It didn't take long I'll say that. Picture this... I am driving out to lunch, gabbin on my blue tooth that is part of my new car, and a cute, little, squirrel comes racing out in front of my car! I know what they say, just run over the thing... I could not do that; no I had to swerve. (Please remember I have had this car like 12 days at this point.) So I swerve hard and ram myself into a curb. I guess I thought my car would pop up over the curb and it would be fine. I was wrong. I'm in front of a parking lot full of people as I bash my new little Fiat into the curb, pop my tire, and bend my wheel frame.

That was fun. I actually heard some one laughing at me when I got out to inspect the damage. Needless to say the car is in the shop, and I had to call Shaffee for a ride to work today.

And there you have it folks, another embarrassing moment from yours truly!