This past weekend was very eventful!  I traveled to Chicago with 2 of my former team mates and together we raced in the Chicago Women's Half Marathon.  Let me tell you something, it was miserable!  90 degree weather... 13.1 miles... HELL!

I managed to have a fantastic time despite the heat! Went to the beach with my friend after the race, and most importantly relived our glory days as college athletes... we are not exactly in the shape we were then... Either way though, it was a great time in Chicago!

before the race with my friend and team mate Tina... who now is a coach at Lasalle! She is incredibly fast... even sponsored by Sauconys! PS this was at 5:30 in the freaking morning!
finishing strong, but inside I was feeling like complete garbage!
The 3 bulldogs!
post race beach time!