Who doesn't love fall!  It's a great time in Grand Rapids, especially because Art Prize is here and that means the streets are full of food trucks!  So many different food options hit Grand Rapids the minute Art Prize begins.  Normally I have a routine and I stick to it pretty religiously but I thought, why not stray away from it and try some of this food we have right outside my door!

Today I decided to try, "What The Truck."  They are a taco truck with some of the most delicious tacos I have had the pleasure of eating!  I'm not kidding my friend, I had the, Korean pork tacos, and they did NOT disappoint, they have a pineapple jalapeno salsa, some sour cream, delicious pulled pork.... It was affordable, and I walked away super happy!  If you see this truck outside and your considering changing up your lunch, I recommend it!

Now what food truck do I hit next...?  Check back for my review of tomorrow's food tuck!