You all remember the movie "Avatar" I assume? Well I bet none of you went to the extreme I did when going to see it. Unfortunately for me your past is never really in your past.  With digital cameras, camera phones, and everything else that can capture an image your past can jump up on you at any moment. Well, one of my girl friends the other day texted me a photo I had sent her when I was on my way to the midnight premier of Avatar. I had decided what fun it would be if I made up my face blue... and no I was not even drinking. The good news is I may have looked stupid, but the movie theater was so shocked to see someone dressed up for a movie that didn't even have a following yet that they let me in free, and gave me free popcorn! It was a pretty epic day for me.

Just thought I would share. I also have dressed up for 2 other movies, Harry Potter and on a dare, Hannah Montana the Movie, but those stories (and pictures) will have to wait for another time! ;)