Ahh, yes... pageants.  I am addicted to competing in pageants, I think they are fun!  Here's the problem; most pageants like Miss Michigan USA are for people considerably younger than my 28 year old self...

but there are a few that accept us old folks... and I have found one!  Miss Captivating... I'm about to go captivate my way down to Ohio to compete for some cool stuff!  I'll keep ya in the loop as to how good, or bad I do...It can honestly go either way, I am a little, "miss congeniality" at times.

Either way as I like to say, let's bring the rock to these pageants!  Last time I won because I told the judge in interview I loved Nikki Sixx... maybe if they hear about my Volbeat obsession they'll fall over like crazy!

this is what I would like to look like if I win.... fresh of a run, with a ROCK ON symbol goin... ;)