Since I was little I was a pajama person. I like pajamas, they are cute, and they are comfy. I have always been a big fan of the pajama dress, or night gown some may say. Not only are they super comfortable but they look sweet!

I had a friend come over from out of town last week and after a long night of drinking we arrived back to my oh so awful apartment and I put on my pajama dress. I swear I haven't heard some one laugh that long in a while! She couldn't get over that I sleep in a nightgown!

I have many reasons I think a nightgown is a prime sleep wear. So here is my defense!
For one thing what if there is a fire! I have this same thought a lot. Now say there is a fire and I am sleeping soundly in my awesome pajama dress. We obviously wake up all alarmed and book out of the apartment. Now a bunch of hot fire fighters are going to come and put the fire out, now I am in luck! Because I am wearing an oh so classy/awesome pajama dress, the girl who lives in the apartment above me (c3) who is kind of hot, steps out and is wearing nasty sweat pants with stains all over them and a dirty shirt. So now who's the hot fire fighter going to help first... I think the answer is obvious. (who's hotter now c3!)

Secondly pajama dresses are comfortable, and really if they are good enough for Abe Lincoln and any other old dude from way back when then they are perfectly good for me!