The last few weeks I have been working on a special project. It's called, Cell Phones For Soldiers. I have been trying my hardest to collect as many cell phones as I can! What they do is, recycle the cell phones, and in return for each cell phone (no matter what the condition) they give back a 2.5 hour calling card for soldiers to call their families!

What an awesome thing right before the holidays! I learned about this through a girl friend of mine, and it all culminated at a little festival in Ohio, where they were holding a pageant... Oh lord, a pageant, I think by now we all know that I like pageants!

I did the whole bug everyone I know for cell phones thing and ended up with over 55 cell phones! Special thanks to the guys at Metrocal Jig, and Verizon Wireless in Rockford. I also had people drop them off at Flashbacks On Leonard. That's a lot of talk time for people fighting for our country!

I felt pretty good about my accomplishment, and then felt even better when I won the pageant! ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to share as well as thank the fantastic people who donated their old cell phones to help someone else!