WOA, this past weekend was a tad busy for me. On Friday I began "The Fred" which is a 200 mile relay among 12 people. It starts in Grand Rapids; you make your way up to Cadillac, turn around and come back. It goes all night so basically someone from your team is running at all times. I was part of a team called the "Centipede Outlaws." This race was BRUTAL! I ran Friday at 3PM, then Saturday at 2:15AM then again Saturday at 12PM. My total miles clocked were about 20! I was DEAD.

But wait, there's more. I got done with the race and went straight out to the most metal wedding of all time. Metal Head Ned got married! By Sunday I was in a coma and didn't wake up for 13 hours.

The race was fun at this point... I hadn't started running yet. I was about to begin my 9 mile run, first leg for me of the race. I finished at about 7:25 pace, not too shabby, except I had to stay up the rest of the night and keep running!
Done with our first legs of the race, this is my best friend and I chillin at a park because like I said, the race was still fun at this point.
I found this cute ass dog! Yeah this doesn't pertain to the race but isn't this dog cute?!?
Alright, it's 2:15AM so I'm decked out with my light up running gear. Ready for my 5.6 mile leg of the race! I surprised myself and ran at a cool 7:08 pace! Still no sleep, and none in sight!
Okay at this point I took about a 2 hour nap (on and off) in the car, it's 11:00AM and I'm about to run my like 4.5 miles. You can imagine my surprise when I started cookin and finished at a 6:50 pace! I was so happy to just be done... On with the wedding!
I went home, showered and went straight here... the most metal wedding of all time, Congrats Metal Head Ned! Dave Kim, Wendy Reed, and myself had a blast! Even though I was pretty damn tired.