And I just found out something about you girls that I never knew before!  It might be the best kept secret you girls have ever kept from us guys!  But now,...sorry girls...I'm gonna blow it out of the water......I never knew so many of you girls poop your pants on the day of your wedding!  While you’re wearing your wedding dress!   I never knew you were walking around looking so beautiful on the outside....but you were all poopy on the inside!   Gross!   But always.....I got your backs.....and I help ya out…….

Ok, according to Marie Clair magazine.....sometimes on your wedding girls poop and pee your pants....while your walking around in your wedding dress!   I guess they say that chicks wedding dresses are so hard to get in and out of that sometimes if a chicks gotta blast out a power pee, or she eats something that doesn't sit right and she's gotta take an emergency big lumpy chunky,  that sometimes......she'll just let it rip....right inside her cute little wedding day underpants, underneath  her beautiful, flowing wedding dress!  Hey....I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do sometimes huh?    Well no worries future brides.....they days of pooping your underpants on the day of your wedding is over!   Cuz now can poop your wedding day bridal diapers instead!  Yep......they now make specially made bridal diapers.....and wedding experts are suggesting that if it takes you 20 minutes or more to get in and out of your wedding dress.....that you wear these on the day of your wedding.......Experts say its nothing to be embarrassed about....sometimes on a chicks big special day....theres just no stopping explosive diarrhea.....however, these new bridal diapers girls.....if you've got a wedding planned anytime soon....or maybe one of your chick friends is getting might want to suggest she wear diapers under her wedding dress.....that way she can poop her brains out and never even have to leave the room!   Wedding day bridal diapers are available at all your favorite bridal shops.......good luck girls.....and again....whos got your back?