Tomorrow at The B.O.B., WGRD, Hobart, and Vander Mill Ciders present KING OF THE WING! I have tried out many of the wings from this years competitors, and if you miss any of them, you are missing out! Here is a list of what you should be prepped for.

Check out the list below for the ultimate wing experience. Well, at least how I feel you should do it.

  • Pay your $10 at the door and be happy knowing that it's going to the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan.
  • Gaze at your tickets knowing that each one of those tickets gains you access to ULTIMATE FLAVOR!
  • Check out some of the live bands!
  • Make sure to try ALL of the competitors wings. Unless you just need another of the same wing..then another...then....another.
  • Hang out with the GRD crew, we may be intimidating...or weird, depends how many wings we had at that time.
  • Used all your tickets? No problem, just go buy some more!
  • Overall, just have a good time :)

Follow these simple steps, and you'll have a good time! Or you don't have to and do whatever you want, just as long as you are there drooling over hot chicken wings and maybe having a brew, I'm OK with that!

See you Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The B.O.B.!