Hey guys, you've probably figured out by now that I'm new in Grand Rapids, and with the Alien Polar Vortex thing dominating the country, I haven't been able to get out too much.  But I want to, and I need a guide to all the cool stuff in Grand Rapids.

I want to start with something easy, since everyone likes food.

My first week in town, enjoying the snow and people ice skating!

I come from El Paso, TX, where there's amazing Mexican food practically on every corner. I mean, freaking AMAZING Mexican food.  So I usually don't eat it whenever I go to another city on a trip, but since I'm here for the long haul, I might as well find the best Mexican food around, right?

I'm already Jonesing for some good Mexican food, and I'm not sure where to get it.  I mean, who really believes what an app tells them?  Write in your suggestion, and I'll go check it out!  (I had to put in a couple options for the stupid program to work, so you can ignore them.)