I was talking to a guy in the bar last weekend who just so happened to be one of those real life CSI guys. And he told me that in Sweden, cops got CSI guys just like we do over here, but what Swedish CSI guys have that we don't have is sperm sniffing dogs! Or at least one sperm sniffing dog.

His name is Rapport, and he just graduated from sperm sniffing dog school, and he just helped solve his first crime last month. Rapport the sperm sniffing dog is brought in on suspected sex crime cases to help police locate traces of DNA that crime scene investigators might miss. (AKA- dried up creepy raper sperm) Well last month a 23 year old chick was raped at gunpoint in one of the cities parks, so they brought in Rapport, and he was able to sniff out traces of the creepy man rapers sperm on the park bench. Sperm that the CSI guys missed. Cops then were able to match the sperm Rapport found to a suspects DNA and Ka-bam! Case closed, creepy raper in jail, and Rapport the sperm sniffing dog is a hero!

Cops say Rapport is a good boy, and whenever he smells sperm he gets a dog treat, and they currently have more dogs in training at the sperm sniffing academy, but it takes about a year or so to fully train a dog for a career in sperm sniffing. I wonder if he gets teased by all the other police dogs, because they get to sniff out cool stuff like cocaine at the airports and stuff. Rapport has to spend all day sniffing up creepy raper guys sperm! Yuk!