Okay, so admittedly this won't work for everyone, and hopefully I can nail this one down before anyone else can get a ring on her finger, but still a good tip for finding a single woman.

Watch the video below, and tell me what the biggest clue is that this woman is currently single.  I guarantee your first guess will be wrong.

Okay, so I'm sure you guessed that she's single because she lets her cat jump on her head while she's wearing a towel.  While this is cute, and I know the hope crossed your mind that the cat would knock the towel covering her boobs off (I know I did), this is not the proof that she's currently not seriously attached.

If she was in a serious relationship, the potential of the guys staying over at her place is pretty good, right?  Or they could even be living together.  But she's not got a ring, and if she was attached, she would already have a witness to her cat's head-loving.  With me so far?

If she was in a relationship, she wouldn't drink her mouthwash directly out of the bottle.

BOOM, weren't expecting that one, were ya?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stalk the internet for her.