One time I drank 25 beers in one night! I thought that was a lot. Well, not 25 beers in like 5 hours, it was one of those times when I started drinking around 3pm in the afternoon and finished at 6am the next morning. But this next guy, he killed 48 beers in about 14 hours!

This was the big topic at the sports bar I was drinking at a few nights ago. 58 year old Hudson Florida guy named James Taylor started drinking beers around noon, and by 2 o’clock in the morning, 14 hours and 48 beers later, this dude was ripped! Guy lived in a trailer park by the way, all the best stuff happens in trailer parks. Dude took off all his cloths and started walking around his trailer park naked, and when he passed one of the trailers a few down from his, the window was open, so 58 year old James Taylor decided it would be amusing to urinate through that open window.

So James pulled up an empty cooler that was outside the trailer, stood on it, and began power blast a big yellow stream right threw the window. And the window of course was right above a woman’s bed, and that women did not enjoy the refreshing warm mellow yellow man pee shower she surprisingly got. It was not a pleasurable experience for her. She of course called the cops, and when they finally showed up 30 minutes later, this guy James was still naked and peeing again, this time in the middle of the street. He told cops that he’d drank 48 beers, and admitted that quote “that was probably 10 too many”, meaning 38 beers and he would have been fine and never would have urinated threw some chicks window, but after 48 beers the pee pee party was on, and there was no stopping it!

I guess police said dude was cooperative as he was being arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication, trespassing and assault. Man, 48 beers. I didn’t think people could drink that much with dying, apparently that guy can!