I had been pretty excited about meeting one of my fellow guitar brethren.  Note my pretentiousness despite the fact my "guitar" career was a dismal failure. So when we were offered a chance to have Slash at our GRD studios to sit in with Free Beer & Hot Wings I jumped at it.  I surely didn't expect my first encounter with Slash to end up like this.

Here's what happened; The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show went to break so I decided I'd slip into the studio at that time and say a quick hi and thank him for stopping by.  The record label dude quickly introduces me.  Inadvertently I hurriedly stick my hand out to shake his right hand at the same time he's reaching with his left hand to pick up his coffee.  Well because of my stupid ill-timed handshake a disastrous coffee spill occurs and damn what a spill it was.  I don't think Slash had even a chance to sip one drink from it before BAM all over the studio console area it spread.

Note in the picture you see my dumb ass (white T with the slightly opened black shirt) standing in the background attempting to quickly remove myself from said disaster but take special notice to the hand point in my direction -  as if blame & judgement for the incident was being handed down.

That hand, ladies and gentlemen, pointing me out is the hand of a master guitarist we know as Slash.  Not sure how Free Beer & Hot Wings didn't catch the faux paus (maybe I gotta away with a good one?) well, as long as Slash doesn't rat me out again.