An incident out of Hawthorne, CA is causing dog lovers all over the country to cringe in disbelief.  An 80-pound Rottweiler was fatally shot by a police officer near the scene of a SWAT stand-off.  The dog was shot after his owner, Leon Rosby, was arrested for recording the stand-off on his cell phone camera.

Rosby was taking video of the police raid while walking his dog, when officers took notice of him.  When the police approached him, he put his dog into his car to avoid incident.  The police then cuffed Rosby and began to take him to a police car, this is when the dog jumped from the vehicle and approached Rosby and the officers.  After a brief altercation, the police opened fire on the dog killing him.

You can watch the complete video of the incident below.  WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Below you can watch a video of Rosby's response to the situation.

And here is a news report from the local news outlet.

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