There's a lot of trial and error that goes into songwriting, as Halestorm's Lzzy Hale is well aware at this point. The vocalist tells Music Radar that the band is halfway through writing their new album, but finding that cohesive sound isn't always easy.

Hale said: "It's exciting but it's such a mindf---. We've just started to crack the code on what songs we want on the record."

The band doesn't hit the road again until July 5 in St. Paul, Minn., and has an Aug. 28 show with Theory of a Deadman at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park.

According to Hale, the writing sessions to date have yielded a number of tracks with a variety of influences.

"I like to look back on the people who influenced my influences, and a lot of that is old-school blues and those players were incredible with barely any gear at all," she said. "Doing that gives you perspective."

The vocalist cites Motorhead as one of her "influence's influences."

She says: "If it wasn't for Metallica, I wouldn't have been introduced to Motorhead. The other day I was thinking, 'OK, if Lemmy was a girl and played guitar, what would he do?' I wrote a couple of riffs with that in mind."

But Lemmy isn't the only influence, as Hale reveals during a recent writing frenzy the band came up with an "epic metal song, one song (that) sounded like Tom Petty and then we had five piano ballads."

But, she adds: "Out of all of that there were maybe three songs that we thought were cool and were the next direction we should go in, so we threw the rest away."

While the band has made progress on its follow-up to "The Strange Case Of …," the real crux of the album will be tackled once they come off tour.

"We'll finish the record, release it and do it all over again," Hale says. "It's a little stressful because we're under pressure to do something halfway decent and better than the last one. I'm just excited to get it out there and show people some new songs."

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