Anyone who listens to WGRD knows that we are big fans of Halestorm. The Red Lion, Penn. rockers have experienced tremendous success since the release of their debut album back in 2009. We caught up with Halestorm last week before their show at The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids to talk about how far they've come.

Halestorm released their second studio album, last year's The Strange Case of..., to much critical acclaim. That culminated in the group's first ever Grammy Award for their hit "Love Bites (So Do I)" this past February. Even though months have went by since their Grammy win, don't expect Halestorm to just rest on their laurels now.

"The thing is right now is that none of us are married or have kids," frontwoman Lzzy Hale says when asked about the possibility of touring less. "We do see our parents occasionally, but we really have nothing holding us. We're married to the road [laughs]. When that starts happening maybe that will shift our priorities."

"If we can bring our families on the road with us, then that would be the ideal situation because we could go out constantly," drummer Arejay Hale chimes in. "We're more used to being on a bus than we are at home."

The rise in social media has helped fans connect with their favorite artists in a whole new way. Hell, even I get excited when a public figure I admire tweets me back. It would be easy for a musician to quickly tire of the constant updates because it could feel more like a chore than anything else, but that isn't the case with Halestorm.

"Personally I recommend it for any new band, or even if you've been in a band for a really long time," Lzzy advises. "It's really nice to stay in touch with everybody. We have a 'on the frontlines' kind of experience with these fans. They let you into their lives and you understand, maybe more so than you want to understand [laughs], where they're coming from and why they love you."

Halestorm are close friends with fellow hard rock act Avenged Sevenfold. A7X released their new album Hail to the King a few weeks ago which reached number one on the Billboard charts. Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn criticized the record for being "a covers album." Halestorm respectfully disagree with Flynn's opinion.

"First and foremost, we all love that record," Lzzy says of Hail to the King. "Avenged took a huge risk and they did a lot of good for the rock community, not just the metal community. You can definitely hear that they're wearing their influences on their sleeve. So does everybody. There's always something that you can pull from. That's the way it is. We all listen to the music that we like, and then that sometimes, somehow, comes out [laughs]."

"And I don't know about criticizing other music, especially in the same genre," guitarist Joe Storm shares. "We're all in this together."

Watch the whole interview in its entirety below.

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