Despite the tragic death of guitarist Corey "Flattus Maximus" Smoot, GWAR has decided to announce a 2012 tour in the honor of the late guitarist. The shock metal artist will not be alone on this tour, as they are bringing along Municipal Waste and Ghoul.

Damn, it's good to see the guys of GWAR moving on even with the tragic lost of our metal brother. Many bands sadly see there end when they lose a band member, but GWAR has made their stand and the way they "heal the wound," is to keep kickin' metal ass.

In a quote from Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie:

"All the years of doing GWAR could never have prepared us for what we have been through, and I want to thank the metal community and the extended GWAR family for all of your support. Finishing that last tour was the hardest thing we have ever had to do, and we still have about half of the country left to hit."

"We will continue as a four-piece, with the special tribute to Flattus at the end of the show, in order to give our fans a chance to say goodbye to our fallen Scumdog brother in true GWAR fashion-covered in blood and rocking the hell out! After this tour is over we can start looking to the future and begin to put this tragedy behind us. But for now we are still in “Hail Flattus” mode!"

Recently a show featuring some of the TOP HEAVY METAL groups was performed in honor of Corey Smoot. All of the proceeds were given to the Smoot family.

I am sure this tour will kick ass, and I think it is awesome they are pressing on. Keep rockin' GWAR, in honor of out fallen metal brother Corey Smoot.