We have all heard the stuff about how games can create violence in kids and how sooner or later they are going to start buying hookers and stealing cars. We never thought that the parents would start attacking the kids over a game though!

From Kotaku:

During a round of Call of Duty: Black Ops, 46-year-old Mark Bradford  was snuffed out during an online match by a 13-year-old player. Instead of respawning and trying to avenge himself in-game, Bradford went to the boy's house and choked him.

"I'd been playing the whole day and he was baiting me and baiting me and just would not shut up," said Bradford, an unemployed father of three.

According to the Daily Mail, Bradford "lost it" after the teenager called him a name. Bradford stormed into the boy's nearby house and began choking the 13-year-old with both hands.

"It's pathetic that a grown man would attack a defenceless child like this," said the boy's 33-year-old mother. "If you can't handle losing to a child then you shouldn't be playing games."

The dude apparently has some mental issues and has 3 kids too! Since the attack though, he has apologized and face 1 count of assault.

I would never play with that dude ever again! Next time he is gonna bring a Noob tube and blow that kid up!