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People who know me are well aware of my contempt for Psy. I should be the one enjoying Internet fame. It seems I'm not the only one who has a negative opinion about the South Korean viral star. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has called the "Gangnam Style" leader an STD of the music industry.

NME reported that Armstrong posted a photo of Psy on his Instagram page calling the singer "the herpes of music." This is the first time the Green Day vocalist has blasted another artist on Instagram.


I can't argue with Armstrong's assessment. My beef with Psy being fueled by jealousy is besides the point. It looks like he won't be going away anytime soon as his latest video for "Gentleman" has been a hit as well. Whatever. Below is a photo from Halloween 2007 that proves Psy stole my style.

Dave Kim

To Psy's credit, he has taken the insult with grace. Fuse asked what his reaction was to Armstrong's shot and admitted he didn't know what herpes was.

"I kinda like it, it's cool," Psy said after he learned the exact nature of herpes. "So he's saying I'm like herpes? I should say something to him. What was his name? Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, he's saying I'm like herpes, it keeps coming back. I think it's really cool and I appreciate that. Thank you."

Green Day will travel overseas for a string of tour dates later this month. The punk trio seem to be back on track after Armstrong's onstage meltdown and stint in rehab late last year.

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