As you guys know I'm a huge NASCAR fan. Today is the Duels at Daytona Starting at 2pm. Daytona has the most complicated qualifying set ups out of any track,if you don't know here is how it works.

Qualifying was last Sunday,unlike at most races when qualifying decides the line up for the race,the Daytona 500 qualifying only decides the first two starting positions "the front row", the rest have to race their way in, hence the duels.

Now Dale JR and Jeff Gordon won the front row on Sunday which means no matter how they finish in the duels they will start on the front row on Sunday,or so we thought.

Sorry Jr Nation, JR will be starting in the back on Sunday. What's this you say? Yes I am sorry to say due to a crash in practice JR is forced to go to a back up car,and as we all know that means you have to go to the back. So Gordon Gets the pole! Nope, the pole will go to the winner of the first duel,so no matter what happens Gordon will start second on Sunday confused?.

So What to expect today at the duels, I think this is going to be a great race, look for Gordon to stay out front and avoid the big one and keep his car safe for Sunday. JR will lay in the back most of the race and then move right up to the front when it counts. All Drivers are going to be looking for drafting teammates as to see who they can work with on Sunday.

So my prediction is in the first duel JR will get a top 5 finish if not the Win, Gordon who is in the second Duel gets the win. Stay Tuned for updates the rest of the week.