Asking Alexandria are steamrolling the competition in GRD's Rocktagon. The band is going for their sixth win in a row as they take on challenger Eyes Set To Kill.

Asking Alexandria are celebrating the release of their brand new album From Death to Destiny this week. Michigan fans can see them live this Saturday at Dirt Fest in Birch Run. Their single "The Death of Me" have beat songs from Wayland, Otherwise, Kings of Leon, Baby Bee and Alice in Chains.

Eyes Set to Kill are a post-hardcore band from Phoenix, AZ. Like Baby Bee, the group was formed by siblings Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez in 2003. They are set to release their fifth studio album, Masks, on September 17 via Century Media Records. Listen to lead single "Infected" below and vote for who you want to win.

Watch Asking Alexandria's "The Death of Me"

Listen to Eyes Set To Kill's "Infected"