I did not realize it but I completely forgot to share my experience with Grand Rapids Style Battle! Style Battle is a part of Art Prize and held at the Intersection down town. It's pretty simple, there are about 10 teams and a team consists of a store owner or local designer, hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer and 5 models.

Each team gets a booth the object is to style, and photograph all 5 models with out leaving your booth and get 1 retouched image of each model corresponding to your teams theme. I was on "Team Flashback" Flashback on Leonard is a thrift store and Perri, the owner/designer decided to go with a very edgy fairy tale theme! I got to portray Little Red Riding Hood!

After every model is styled they go through and have a runway show where everyone is drinking listening to good music and seeing some hot Grand Rapids models strut there stuff in some crazy themed out get ups!

Here are a few pictures from the event!