I love Grand Rapids and all it has to offer with local music, so I decided why not feature local bands here on wgrd.com! Today's featured The Class Acts, they answered a few questions for me below! Check them out, and if you're in a local band who wants to be featured fill out this form. I don’t just feature anyone, so don’t suck and you’ll get the Jackie stamp of approval ;) Find me on facebook too, to follow all your favorite local bands, and GRD news by clicking HERE

Band Name
The Class Acts
Who are all the members of your band, and what do they play?
Ed Ryan - Lead vocals & Bass guitar
John Ryan - Lead guitar
Andy McCotter - Drums & Backing vocals
When did the band get together, and how?
Got together in 2008 when John and Andy talked about jamming together. Together, they forced John's brother, Ed, to learn the bass. So Ed bought a bass and they've been playing together ever since.
How would you describe your music to someone?
We're an alternative group with multiple influences. We have the melody hooks of Weezer but the guitar riffs of The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys. We have songs that you could dance to or just plain rock out to.
Who are some of the bands that influence your music?
Weezer, The Black Keys, The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The White Stripes
What other bands have your members been/are in?
What other local bands would you recommend people check out?
Combat Corduroy, Stikyfut, Fly Paper, The Banana Convention
Where is your favorite place to play in Grand Rapids?
The Intersection
Where can we catch you performing next?
We'll be performing at Louie's Trophy House Grill on January 4th, 2013. Other bands for the evening include Dogs. In Winter and The Honey Pot.