You'll have to excuse my bad mood today. I was informed that my beloved Hooters is closing down it's only Grand Rapids location. Please be patient with me as I pass through the mourning stages.

The good news is it looks like I've passed the "denial" stage already. "Stop f'n with me man" was my common response when told repeatedly yesterday.  I think I'm now past the anger stage too.  Loose Wendy can attest to this because she was the first to inform me of this tragedy and immediately I began verbally assaulting her poor March Madness picking skills and angrily reminded her (ad nauseum) that for the first time in history I had out picked her.

I'm currently in the state of depression but it does help to fondly remember all the good times I've had at Hooters.   Like, there was the time I asked one of the Hooter calender to sign my Hooters calendar with "Thanks for last night JT" - she immediately retorted with "you know that stupid bit, is  equivalent to the poorly executed creepy old guy with the mistletoe hanging from the belt gag don't ya?" Ahhh...the memories and touche' to your retort ol' wise Hooter girl how I will miss thee.

To help quickly get me to my acceptance stage I've posted links of  my storied career over the years at Hooters.  Feel free to peruse through and send me condolences and share some of your favorite experiences at Hooters.