Fox News commentator Glenn Beck spoke out against My Chemical Romance and Glee. The controversial host called Glee immoral and said that the lyrics to MCR's "Sing" are propaganda.

"Sing" was featured on the hit TV show, which ironically enough airs on Fox, and Beck didn't waste time sharing his point of view.

"This is propaganda, and it's an anthem," Beck said after playing a clip from the show. "It's an anthem saying 'Join us.' How can you and I possibly win against that?"

My Chemical Romance have responded to Beck's comments, with singer Gerard Way taking to the band's official website:

"I think the word Glenn Beck was looking for was "subversion" not "propaganda", because I don't know what it would be considered propaganda for- truth? sentiment? And I can't tell what he's angrier about- the fact that it's how I feel about the persistent sterilization of our culture or the fact that it's on network television for everyone to hear."

Guitarist Frank Iero was a little less diplomatic about the situation when he tweeted his response:

"Yay! F___ that dude's face with Obama's birth certificate."

Iero was referencing Beck's frequent claims questioning the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate, which he was forced to apologize after Obama published the document last year.

You can view Beck's full segment below thanks to NME.

Do you agree with Beck, or is he missing the point of the song?

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