Ok girls, I was killing beers at the bar with some stinky chicks last weekend, and this topic came up. Girls, if you happen to be a little stinky, just south of the boarder (ya know, in your va-hoo-hoo region) these stinky chicks were telling me about a new product called Linger International Feminine Flavoring, which claims it can help you out and get you from smelling like a rotten fish market to a normal smelling chick again!

They said this Linger stuff is "a small, naturally sweet flavoring that was created to flavor the VIRGINA, and supposedly its "safe and effective, decreases self consciousness, and improves the quality of relations between a woman and her most intimate partner.” Basically, its a breath mint for your girl tuna!

So if any of girls have a problem with vaggie stinking, or if you know a girl who does, these stinky drunk chicks I was talking to said you can check out lovetolinger.com. Enjoy girls, and stay fresh.