There comes a game in every consoles life that is considered, "The Console Seller." A KILLER GAME that makes you want to buy the system just to play this certain game. Mario is with Nintendo and Nathan Drake is with Playstation. Master Chief once took over Xbox 360, but Marcus Fenix and the Gears gang now hold that title in GEARS OF WAR 3.

Gears of War 3 is the KILLER APP for Xbox 360. It just kicks so much ass, the anyone that owns an Xbox 360 should own GOW3. If you played the first 2, then your in for a treat. It is a super polished juggernaut of a game that has steller multiplayer, 4 player co-op campaign, and a storyline that could be considered for movies.

I have yet to finish the game, but from what I have experienced so far, the campaign is awesome. Horde Mode 2.0 will guarantee an excessive amount of playthroughs, and the all new Beast Mode only brings "Slaughter and Laughter."

There is plenty of DLC available now, and even more on the way. Map packs, characters, weapon skins, etc. There is just so much in this game, that it is worth more than just the $60 you paid for it.

Get this game, that's all I can say.