Zombies seem to be all the rage right now. With the successful comic adaptation of The Walking Dead, World War Z, etc. Zombies are the popular thing! However, I really don't think there was a time where Zombies weren't popular. Night of the Living Dead made zombies pretty terrifying...you know what made zombies fun though? This game!

What: Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a game where you can either play as some blonde haired dude with to much hair gel, or stereotypical 90's girl with short shorts. From a top down view (like Zelda), tour around the neighboring areas and save the humans! Watch out for chainsaw maniacs, 100 Foot tall babies, mummies, alien ants, and of course...zombies.

Why: This game is crazy weird, and best of all...crazy fun! This was best played with 2 players in co-op, however still could effectively be played with one player. Still though, if you played 2 player, one player would get all of the points. Whomever gets the most points will eventually get an extra life! It is a co-op game, but it does have it competitive sense to it as well. This is not the easiest game out there, at points it get's extremely difficult! There is this one level that is just flat out spiky plants that keep growing and growing till you might get trapped in a corner and you're dead! I REALLY hate the werewolves though, these things would basically touch you once and you were dead! This game is quite the challenge, but it still maintains a fun factor. Plus, who would have thought that in order to save humanity from the Zombie Apocalypse, all you need is a 6 pack of soda, water gun, and a pair of 3-D glasses.

This is one of those games that could easily come back on PSN or Xbox Live. Playing it online would be a lot of fun. Even if they made an HD remake of it, that would be cool too.