There is a lot of 'Shovelware' on Nintendo Wii. Games like Game Party, Chicken Blaster, etc. Wii's game library is about 89% crap. There is however, a few diamonds in the rough when it comes to Nintendo's motion based console. After years of fan demand, to have this game brought over from Japan, we got our wish. Our efforts were definitely rewarded with this game.

What: The Last Story is a RPG (Role Playing Game) where you play as Zael. His dream is to become a knight serving the count. His decisions however are altered when he meets Lady Calista (or Lisa) and his is torn whether he should go with his heart or be the knight he has always dreamed of. However, Zael is chosen with the 'Power of the Outsider,' and his destiny is chosen as he is the last hope to save the kingdom from the Gurak army.

Why: Looking for a stellar RPG on Wii? This is what you should be playing. This game has that classic RPG feel to it. Even better, it ditches the motion controls, but you do have the option to use them. This game though, is best played with the Classic Controller. The control is easy to learn and doesn't confuse you with strange upgrades. If you played any of the old Final Fantasy games, you will most likely enjoy this game.

Best part? The story. The game comes from the original Final Fantasy mastermind, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Thus, it has the familiar tone to it with impressive story telling. It's an RPG that you can come back to and know exactly where you left off. It keeps you indulged in the story like a good book and keeps you playing for the excitement for the question, what is going to happen next?

If you are a music person, 'The Man' Nobuo Uematsu composed the score. So's awesome. (I interviewed the man himself, check out the interview below!)

'The Last Story' is a new RPG with a classic feel, hence why I like it so much. I have not played an RPG since Final Fantasy IX (PS1), so this was a refreshing step in gaming for me. Especially with a game market that is clogged with First Person Shooters, it's cool to see something like this resurface. It's too bad though that many people will not play it, why? It's just not as popular as it used to be. When you go up against juggernauts like Halo and Call of Duty, your bound to get stomped on. If you want a classic RPG with an amazing story, this is where you will find it. Dust off you Wii, it's time for some gameage!