When you first cracked your new Super Nintendo system back in 1991, you were super excited for the greatness that is 16-bit! What is a bit? I have no clue, but the more the better! We were playing the original Super Mario Bros. like it was going out of style on our NES', but then SNES arrived, Mario had to improve...and came out the greatest Mario title ever to be released (IMO)!

What: You play as either Mario or Luigi. Guess what? You need to save the Princess!!! Battle through the enormous world of Dinosaur Land, hop aboard your new pal Yoshi, grab a feather and take to the skies. Reach Bowser's castle and rescue the Princess!

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Why: This, for most, was the first game that you played on SNES. This game was original Super Mario Bros. ON CRACK! In your face colors, sharp graphics (oooooo 16-BIT!), smooth control, etc. It was Super Mario Bros. PERFECTED! It shared many characteristics that Super Mario Bros. 3 had. Even the working together in a Co-Op type play to reach the end of the game. The over world (Dinosaur Land) looked great and had secrets to uncover everywhere. Either be it the Star Road or Soda Lake, there was secrets everywhere in this game and made you leave no stone unturned. There was just so much more in this game, that Mario games previously didn't have. If you own/owned a SNES, chances are, you had this game.

Super Mario World, in my opinion, is the greatest Mario title ever made. It just had so much to offer and I will pop this game in my SNES any day.

Yes, Super Mario World was a bit better, a bit this, a bit that....