We all knew that this game was coming eventually, just didn't know exactly when. With a new Mario Kart game on the horizon, we have to revisit the first. I remember playing this game when it was brand new! People still have fond memories of the original, Super Mario Kart.

What: Super Mario Kart is exactly what the title states! You play as a Mario character, race in a Kart race, and win the Circuits!

Why: When you think of a Kart racing game, your first thought most likely something to do with Mario. Super Mario Kart set the standard for what Kart racers were like for the rest of time. Games like Diddy Kong Racing, Crash Nitro Kart, etc. All took a page from the book that Mario wrote. One of the best parts of this game was all of the colorful characters that you could be, and don't forget those MODE-7 GRAPHICS! Can't go wrong with that!

You pick your favorite Mario character and race to the end. However, you have been givin' the ability to run over 'Question Blocks' which gives you a random item. This item you can use against your opponents to further yourself in the face. The best being the 'Red Turtle shell.' Since you could do this, every single cart racing game has items that assist you in the race.

Mario Kart is quickly approaching the 8th version of the game on the WiiU, making this game over 20 years old. I can still remember crouching in front of our television when I was younger and playing this game till I passed out from being overly tired.