Mind blown? Possible. If you stick to the weekly GTTBYD, you would see that it is very focused on Retro Games. This week though, I am going to break the mold with a game that you should try for sure that will be retro in the near future. Let's break the norm with a game on Nintendo's Wii, with the best (in my opinion) Mario title for that system.

What: Super Mario Galaxy is the first Mario title released for Nintendo Wii. You play as Mario, flying around Galaxies attempting to restore the stars! A nice little twist on a formula that has been beaten to death.

Why: If you liked Super Mario 64, chances are that you are going to like this game. Galaxy follows that Super Mario 64 formula of grabbing stars and moving from world to world. The way it is executed though is perfect. You have a main base, then you can basically go where ever you want! It introduced a partially forgotten character named Rosalina (which is WAY less annoying that Peach always crying for Mario's help!). Which I feel as though Nintendo could really expand this character in a really cool way, kind of like Samus (Metroid).

This game took away the 'cutesy' Mario music and replaced with an amazing orchestrated soundtrack. The soundtrack was so good, they even included it as a bonus soundtrack with new Wii Consoles.

The graphics of the game also felt very 'next gen' when it came to Wii games. It felt and looked very smooth. The colors were not INSANELY BRIGHT AND RIGHT IN YOUR FACE (Like New Super Mario Bros. Wii), they were kind of darker shades and more relaxing. It fell like more of a story book Mario game then some crazy cartoon! Which indulged you in the game.

Many may wonder, how is New Super Mario Bros. Wii not the best Mario game on Wii? Well, because that game felt like the old formula, which isn't a bad thing, but Super Mario Galaxy felt new and next gen. Just like how Super Mario 64 felt on Nintendo 64.

Try this one out, it's pretty cool.