What is there to say about Star Wars, it is one of the biggest phenomenon's of all time! Who doesn't like Star Wars? Well, I suppose not everyone likes Star Wars, but you are crazy if you don't. Star Wars has graced game consoles since game consoles have existed, mostly based off of the movies. Then this game came around and proved that you didn't always have to follow the movies.

What: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire is based between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. You play as Dash Rendar, a friend of Han Solo. Battling the Empire, and new villain Prince Xizor and the deadly Skyhook battle station.

Why: Not only is it Star Wars, but it was one of the only games that was released alongside of the Nintendo 64 when it came out. Launch titles are normally not to impressive, but this one knocked it out of the park and brought us into the 3D world of Star Wars. The Hoth battle was just amazing, the Swoop level was intense and fast paced, and flying the Outrider was just awesome. The control was pretty stellar, mostly because of the auto-aiming. The music was straight from the Star Wars soundtrack, so it was very recognizable. Overall though, the game is really good and easy to obtain. Sure, there are plenty of other Star Wars games out there, but this one I could play again and again.