Look at the games that we have today. They look all nice and polished and stuff, we strive for realism in games all of the time. If it doesn't look real, it looks like crap. Back then, getting realism in a game was difficult, hell...even getting a 3D perspective what felt like it was impossible! Then Star Fox came along and said, "Graphics?! HELL YEA MAN! We have the Super FX chip!"

What: Star Fox was a groundbreaking graphic game for its time. You play as FoxMcCloud in your trusty Arwing, going after the evil Andross who is attempting to take over the universe! Star Fox introduced the use of the Super FX Chip. A piece of hardware that enabled a game to display 3D polygons effectively on a gaming console. Games that used the FX chip were Doom, Stunt Race FX, and a few more. Star Fox was a massive graphic game for it's time.

Why: It's a game that will take you back in time! This game will make you appreciate what type of games we have today. The control is good, the music is kick ass, and it spawned one of Nintendo's large mascots.  The biggest part though still, if the graphics and polygons. Even though the game looks extremely dated, it is still a lot of fun to play. Be sure to check this one out!