The original Star Fox was revolutionary for it's time, with the super awesome SUPER FX CHIP! Well, nowadays the SUPER FX CHIP looks like crap, but it was still fun. So obviously a sequel was planned for Star Fox named 'Star Fox 2.' We waited, waited, and waited....and it never came out! Good...because of that, Star Fox 64 arrived!

What: Star Fox 64 is a 'space shooter' where you play as Fox McCloud with your trusty allies Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad. Fly through the galaxy to take down the evil scientist Andross (which I always thought was an AWESOME name for a villain).

Why: If you played the original Star Fox on SNES, your appreciation for this game goes up by 200%. The storyline, the control, the voice acting, is all spot on. With the NEW Analog stick (believe it or not, there was a time before Analog sticks), controlling the Arwing was a breeze and really easy to do, and aiming at other ships was EASY! The aiming mechanics on this game were pretty much perfect! The days of aiming with a D-Pad were long gone, and Star Fox 64 perfected that. It was always funny to watch your allies pop up on the lower part of the screen, because when they talked, it always looked like they were having a massive was funny. Plus to back it up, you could battle in a 4 player Battle Royale and shoot down your friends. It was a space shooter that had it all.

Sadly, this was the last Star Fox game to adapt this much attention. Sure there was Star Fox Assult for Gamecube which was very similar, but it just didn't have the 'charm' that Star Fox 64 did. Will there ever be another one like it? Star Fox missed the Wii ENTIRELY! (Like Metroid with Nintendo 64)