Blood, guts, decapitations, death, and heavy metal. This game is the definition of all of that! When this game was first announced, I got pretty excited. It was an old school beat em' up in the 21st century. The game has been critically panned by critics everywhere, but I loved it.

What: You play as wimpy little Rick Taylor. Rick and his girlfriend Jennifer head to the crazy scientists' mansion of Dr. West. Dr. West has the plan to take resurrect his former love Leonora who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rick's girl. Rick is then mortally wounded by Dr. West's creations and is left for dead. The Terror Mask finds Rick and placed himself onto his face. Rick then becomes this massive strong monster of a man and controls Rick to save his girlfriend!

Why: If you are a fan of the old school beat em' up's and hack n' slash games, this is your type of game! If not, then you may have some trouble getting into it. I will admit, it is not the perfect game control wise. There were many times where I would get pissed because something would not work. If you can look past that stuff, it's really pretty fun.

The amount of blood and gore in this game could be considered legendary. You could do these moves called 'Splatter Moves.' Where you squeezed an enemies head till it exploded or ripped their torso from their body. If your 'Blood Meter' maxed out, you could turn into this crazy dude that could just dominate all! You could even pick up limbs from enemies and beat other enemies with body parts! This game is truly not meant for younger children because this game was the definition of gore. Also add a soundtrack to the game that features major metal acts like Mastodon, Municipal Waste, Five Finger Death Punch, Lamb of God, and more! You have yourself, in my opinion, THE most METAL game of all time!

There were also collectibles, and what do you think they were? Naked pictures of your girlfriend.

This game was just fantastic, regardless of the clunky controls and some noticeable flaws. Chances are you will find this game from anywhere to $3 to $10 because it didn't sell well at all. Why? Most gamers in this generations really didn't know what Splatterhouse was. This game was meant for that small legion of fans that were still around.