Well, it's Halloween today, so I think it is a perfect day to do some horror video gaming! What could fit better than the game that perfected the 'survival horror' genre. Zombies right now are all the rage, and that rage began in gaming with Resident Evil.

What: You play as either S.T.A.R.S member Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. You are sent to investigate some mysterious murders where the victims were killed and eaten. A chopper from Bravo Team goes down in a nearby woods and the S.T.A.R.S are sent to investigate, but soon a pack of rabid dogs chase the team into a nearby mansion filled with zombies, Hunters, and the deadly Tyrant.

Why: There had been a few horror games previous to Resident Evil, like Alone in the Dark, Night Trap, etc. Resident Evil on the other hand took the formula from those games and applied it to make this gem of a game. When comparing it to modern day Resident Evil games, this one plays very clunky. No quick turn, slow reloading, and HORRIBLE voice overs. You gotta start somewhere though. All the bad stuff aside, when this game came out, we were hooked! When those dogs busted through the windows, we freaked out and loved every minute of it! The puzzle solving, the limited ammo, the creepy music, it all fit together in this package of horror. It may seem campy today, but back then, this game scared the hell out of us.

Since the release, Resident Evil has become a huge franchise (much like Final Fantasy). Sadly, the game has lost it's survival horror roots and has gone more for a shooter "Michael Bay" appeal...so if you want some classic scares...check this one out.