Resident Evil 2 is still my favorite RE game of all time, but 3 is a very close second. During the PSX era, there was a ton of amazing games coming out, and most of those today are considered classic games (I never want to think of something I grew up with as "classic")! Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is the last RE game on PSX, so how does it hold up?

What: Resident Evil 3 play as Jill Vanlentine, trying to escape from Raccoon City....a city INFESTED with flesh eating zombies! Umbrella has sent in the mercenary squad to attempt cleaning up the mess, but all hope is lost for the city. However, Umbrella does not want the truth about the disaster leaked, and only S.T.A.R.S members know the truth of why this is all happening. Umbrella sends out a S.T.A.R.S killer named 'Nemesis.' Escape the city, reveal the truth!

Why: Before RE 4 came around, this was the best title to date for the series. It still had RE 1 and 2's clunky controls, but you could do quick dodges which REALLY improved the gameplay for me. The characters are pretty cheesy, but that was to be expected in RE at this point in the game. Best part about this game though? Nemesis. Nothing was safe from this thing! It chased you everywhere, and really kept you on your toes for the entire game. NO ROOM was safe from this tank of a beast. You could either keep running from him, or you could take him out and collect weapons from him. Most of the time though, it was best to just run and save ammunition. Even if you took him down though, he would get back up and find you again.

RE 3 didn't sell as well as RE 2, but it sure created an enemy that none of us will ever forget.